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Winner of
"A'Design Award&Competition"
in category
"Photography and Photomanipulations"

I'm a photographer!

    I always liked to draw, making handcrafts and this interests grew up into photography. At school i graduated course of graphic design and got specialization in decorator. At the last year of university I was interested in photography and was taking with me father's old Zenit.
    I had a short course in Photography with Vladimir Babkin in Almaty. Before my departure to Italy, at my freetime from work (software engineer), I had different master classes in photography field.
    Two years of Master degree in Milan (spec. -  management engineering) made me decide to switch my choice and do what I wanted to do. So I left to Florence to study classic photography, photojournalism and fashion photography. There in Florence my works were exhibited on all exhibitions my university had (Florence University of Arts).

    In april 2013 one of my works won A'Award in category "photography and photomanipulations".
    Curently I'm in Astana, Kazakhstan and i'm a freelance photographer, artist, videographer. Happy to have any interesting project, related not only to photography but any type of art. 



tel: +7 778 141 2345