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Еще одна фотосессия для Моделью была Ann, с которой мы уже хорошо сработались, ну а визаж, прическа и стиль конечно от Жулдыз Бектеповой! И вот что у нас получилось:


и пару снимков в свадебной тематике для Жулдыз:

Sport sport sport!

Once my friend Zhuza asked to make nice photos for one competition of make-up artists. Actually I love competitions, but mostly I'm lazy and bla bla bla. So, that was the challenge for make-up artists, for their work but the point was the required photos had to be professional. I love any new ideas and projects, so I was happy to participate. We got these pictures below, and I have to say she did really good job organizing, putting make-up and styling, I was just that person who pushed the button to capture her work :) Unfortunately we didn't win, but still we had nice time, nice project and met Ann from casting agendy in Almaty. After we had another photoshoot with Ann, but I'm still working on those pictures.

The theme was - Sport Glamour (or something like that):


And some more shots just for ourselves: