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I had really interesting project in Florence for my Classic Photography class. We used only film cameras and we were developing and printing by ourselves. I enjoyed this class mostly and I would like to work in this area in future and by now I have these beautiful to me (hopefully not only to me) pictures. And I would say that the most important part, the most important factor making me work on this project was my teacher - Simone Pierotti. I like the way he taught us, and I think he cares about his students, and trying to help them to find themselves, what is important when you are in art. 

This project is my favourite, and it called - "Teenage Intimacy". I had two models, two teenagers - kazakh and italian girls, and I just made pictures of them in their homes doing usual everyday rutine. But beauty is everywhere. You just need to see it as I see it throw my camera.

Margherita is my italian model and nice roomate! She is an interior designer, and we had a lot to help each other and exchanging experinces in different areas. I love working with people who totally believe in my work, and trusting me. Then the project is easy going and totally projecting what I had in my mind. Here below are some pictures of beautiful beautiful Margherita for my project :)

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