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I had really interesting project in Florence for my Classic Photography class. We used only film cameras and we were developing and printing by ourselves. I enjoyed this class mostly and I would like to work in this area in future and by now I have these beautiful to me (hopefully not only to me) pictures. And I would say that the most important part, the most important factor making me work on this project was my teacher - Simone Pierotti. I like the way he taught us, and I think he cares about his students, and trying to help them to find themselves, what is important when you are in art. 

This project is my favourite, and it called - "Teenage Intimacy". I had two models, two teenagers - kazakh and italian girls, and I just made pictures of them in their homes doing usual everyday rutine. But beauty is everywhere. You just need to see it as I see it throw my camera.

Margherita is my italian model and nice roomate! She is an interior designer, and we had a lot to help each other and exchanging experinces in different areas. I love working with people who totally believe in my work, and trusting me. Then the project is easy going and totally projecting what I had in my mind. Here below are some pictures of beautiful beautiful Margherita for my project :)

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Primo Studio

I shot this video this summer, but I've finished working on it only few weeks ago. The reason is not enough time! But I really enjoyed the process of shooting, making a video, collaborating with people. I love this atelier, may be because I know the owner, Ainur, and she is so stylish and nice! We met in Florence where me and she were studying in different schools, but with the same passion for our art works. And even there we got an opportunity to have some projects together, and I still have some material from that time I have to work on. Love that time and our works together, and happy to meet the same people again with interesting views on life, like me, haha :P 

portraits of Florence

I had this project in Florence at Classic Photography class. I did like Classic Photography a lot, even I was dreaming about getting film medium format camera and shooting only on film. Actually I still want to do it, and definitely I will in the future. But by now there are always a lot of factors making me be more practical and fast, and I can reach it only by using digital camera.

Anyway, I found my old pictures I shoot on Zenit (the old film camera of my father). Here are portraits of people on the streets of Florence.