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Raizza Soledad

I had an amazing time in Florence, and got known so many interesting people. And of course I didn't miss the opportunity to take pictures of many of those.

Raizza is from Brasil, and I really enjoyed shooting her. Actually I have a lot more pictures of her, and I will publish them later. In this post I'm publishing these lovely portraits of her.

portraits of Florence

I had this project in Florence at Classic Photography class. I did like Classic Photography a lot, even I was dreaming about getting film medium format camera and shooting only on film. Actually I still want to do it, and definitely I will in the future. But by now there are always a lot of factors making me be more practical and fast, and I can reach it only by using digital camera.

Anyway, I found my old pictures I shoot on Zenit (the old film camera of my father). Here are portraits of people on the streets of Florence.