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Saryarka Velodrom and Astana Arena

May be you know that I'm from Almaty, the ex-capital of Kazakhstan, but now i live in Astana, current capital of Kazakhstan. If you search on google you will find that Astana became a capital in 1998, and it was really small. During last 15 years the city grew up sooo much. You will never believe that it had totally different look even 5-10 years ago! Also the population of the new capital grew up to 800 000 people (before it was small city, where people more or less knew each other), so I would say it's really crazy and the unbelievable dreams can come true. Now the prices for apartment, food etc. is one of the highest in the country. There are so many new buildings with interesting unique architectures, designs, and some of those are the biggest in the world. I don't know do I like it or no, but I know that it's incredible to build a city like that in short period and also keeping it developing and making from it a center of the main distance for young people. Young city with young people, next generation. Sounds great! 

So once I went out to take a picture of one building, only one. You know why, the point is they started building new sport centers among old small houses. And that looks amazing to me. It's not bad or sad or something, it's just interesting to me to capture that place. I took some shots of another sport center too, only because it's next to that one i came for. 

The region of Astana is a steepe, so mostly you can't find too much greens, but now the city is changing, so there are a lot of small trees which in some years will be surrounding the city. That's nice!

This one called Saryarka Velodrom is an indoor cycle-racing track or velodrome, with 58,000 metre square surface area containing sports courts, a fitness centre, swimming pool, basketball court, ice rink, as well as conference halls, a restaurant and a hotel. I got some few shots from another side:

And this one below is called "Астана Арена" is the biggest football stadium in the country, was build in 2009 and holds 30 000 seats! But my focus is surroundings of the stadium:

the same shot, just couldn't choose: